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A backup of your Pro settings will be made and applied when upgrading to Pro again.

You will remain as a member but appear as "inactive" for other members. "Teams" feature will be inaccessible and your reptiles will not be shared with the members and vice versa.

Creating many reptiles or activities at once can be a tedious task using the console. If you need to quickly add a lot of reptiles or activities, you could use the batch creation tool found on the Import/export page.

The labels generated in Reptile Scan comes in following sizes:

QR codes
EXPO labels

Printing with label printer Recommended

If you print on a label printer, like Brother, Zebra, Oki ect.

You can use all different sizes of lables, you just need to set it up in your printer settings. But we can recommend following label sizes:

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EXPO labels

Printing with A4 printer

If you print on a regular A4 printer - you can use following standard A4 label sheets:

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Avery L7159 - 24 labels

Size: 63,5x33,9mm

EXPO labels

Avery L7162 - 18 labels

Size: 63,5x46,6mm